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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  August 21, 2010 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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this is an all-star team that is going to send the other team to the showers in november. >> carly fiorina comes out swinging at the convention and her plan to send barbara box near retirement. big name support for medical marijuana. why one celebrity is fighting to open his own dispensary here in the bay area. imagine if that was you. and you really try to help out. because imagine if you had nothing and you would want somebody to help you. >> help from the bay area for flood-ravaged pakistan and how one post on facebook turned into a huge relief effort. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. the news starts now.
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it is day two of the california republican convention. in san diego. and carly fiorina was on the attack. adrian moore shows us how she plans to win the seat held by the democratic barbara boxer. >> the united states senator who will defeat barbara boxer and hend her into retirement, carly fiorina. >> reporter: carly fiorina rallies her supporters as she takes center stage at the california republican convention. >> i'm also glad to be with you today at what i think is a barbara boxer farewell party. [ cheering ] >> reporter: and the former hewlett packard ceo wasted little time in slamming her opponent, incumbent barbara boxer. >> the only job you are fighting for is your own. >> reporter: one key talking point, the need for a more transparent and accountable
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government. fiorina wants to post every bill and every budget online, so the public can take a more active role in the process. >> any bill that is brought to the floor of the u.s. senate must be placed online or -- for at least two weeks for public comment before it is voted on. >> reporter: but it was anything but a warm welcome outside. where dozens of protesters lined the streets, criticizing fiorina's voting record. and calling her unfit for office. >> i would say why would anybody want to consider a failed ceo, to take on this monstrous job of governing this state? >> reporter: political analysts say this is the most diverse lineup of republican candidates california has ever seen. which includes meg whitman, african-american secretary of state candidate damon dunn, and latino lieutenant governor
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maldano. and fiorina says she is confident to take part of sacramento. >> this is an all-star team that will send the other team to the showers in november. help us elect this great team for the great state of california. >> adrian moore reporting. meantime carly fiorina's opponent, senator barbara boxer was in los angeles and wasn't talking politics. instead, she honored the service of japanese-american soldiers during world war ii. boxer has sponsored a bill to grant a congressional gold medal to an all japanese combat unit that took on some of the most dangerous missions of the war. republican meg whitman can claim another endorsement in the rice for governor. sacramento's minor league baseball team, the river cats, held a bobblehead contest, giving away bobblehead dolls of whitman and democratic candidate gary brown. and whitman's bobble heads ran out before brown's in about 20 minutes. it is hard to tell if the
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reasons were political or artistic. he has been a big supporter of medical marijuana for years. one celebrity is pushing to open a dispensary in the bay area. former talk show host montel williams. robert lyles on why the battle is such a personal one. >> if montel williams came to meet with me in oakland -- >> the city council member rebecca caplan says this is montel williams' second visit to oakland in three months and at each talk -- >> he is have interested in supporting the production of select strains of medical cannabis to treat specific ailments. >> for 17 years, i had a chance -- >> reporter: for those who don't follow the daytime gaffe, williams went public on the oprah winfrey about his personal battle with multiple sclerosis. >> there are about a million and a half people who suffer from m. s. in america today and all of us suff area little differently. my -- suffer a little
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differently. my primary symptom is pain. >> reporter: his own relief he says is certain strains of cannabis and he is now interested in growing and selling the high end strains here in oakland, telling caplan he wants to ensure that others who suffer from kron irillness know that the -- chronic illness know that the cannabis -- >> is produced responsibly. >> reporter: and it is not the first foray into medical pot. >> our government grows it, certifies it, it puts a usda stamp on it. >> reporter: he has been critical of the feds accusing the government of growing the high grade medical marijuana but limiting who is receiving it. >> what does the government have to say, and that we will let five people be pain free and the rest of you, you go to hell. >> reporter: the city is considering supporting three or four more dispensaries.
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and that's why williams contacted caplan and living in new york does not bar the one time king of daytime from possibly becoming the king of medical pot. >> he could apply for a permit with his own group or a partner group. >> reporter: robert lyles, cbs 5. affecting headlines and around the bay area tonight, police in pacifica are on the hunt for three robbers who shot a gas station attendant at this shell station last night on hickey boulevard. the suspects are in their late teens or early 20s. may be driving an old toyota or honda sedan. the clerk was not seriously wounded. supporters of san francisco's proposition g which would support collective bargaining for muni drivers opened their campaign headquarters today. the supervisor shawn elsburg came up with the measure, after muni operators twice voted down concessions to eliminate a mandated city charter that guarantees muni drivers the second highest wages in the
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nation. he says the petition got more signatures than any other ballot initiative in the city's history. today, demolition crews started tearing down the ramp here to make way for the transit center. crews drilled into the ramp and pulled off the pieces concrete from it. and beel street from howard and full some streets will be closed until 5:00 monday morning. people from across the bay area are coming together to bring relief to pakistan. that country is experience can its worst flooding ever. waters have washed away buildings and roads and crops. and more than 20 million people are affected. julie watts show us how pakistanis in the south are helping people in their homeland. -- in the south bay are helping people in their homeland. >> the waters have completely ruined everything. >> reporter: these sisters are some of the 10,000 pakistani- americans in the bay area. like many, they wanted to help the flood victims.
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but it was their mom who found an avenue on facebook. >> i was just going for my daily, you know, checking my facebook page, and then i found that somebody forwarded the link to me, and i thought this would be perfect. >> reporter: this woman is a well-known face on pakistani tv in the south bay. when this man posted an offer on facebook to pick up clothing donations from friends he had no idea how many people would take him up on it. >> i didn't even know that people started sharing that status on their own profile pages. and then i started getting calls from all around the bay area. and i didn't think it would go that far. >> reporter: the desire to donate to the pakistani community was so great that he had to quickly create dropoff locations and this one in san jose is one of 12 where families have donated their homes to collect goods and he will pick these up and take them to a local nonprofit. >> i went through my closet
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today as will. >> reporter: the family says there is a special need for warm clothes and traditional pakistani attire. but supplies of all sorts are needed. and so are cash donations. those should go directly to the hiata foundation which hopes to build this cargo container by monday. >> imagine if that was you and you should really try to help out, because imagine if you had nothing, and you would want people to help you. >> reporter: as the flooding continues to worsen, the enron sisters are calling on everyone in the bay area, pakistani or not to help bring relief to the millions suffering half a world away. in san jose, julie watts, cbs 5. and if you want to help, we put more information on how to donate on our web site, it is one of the largest egg recalls ever. who some experts blame for the salmonella outbreak. lots of new moms talk about how to prevent the baby blues without a prescription. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. sure, it was cool around the
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bay area again today. but we've got some heat coming in our direction. ,,,,,,,,
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california banks. the f-d-i-c took over sonoma valley federal regulators have shut the doors at four more california banks. the fdic took over snow that valley bank in sonoma, and uth creek and pacifica and lass padres bank. and so far this year, 118 banks have failed nationwide. another recall because of the bad eggs. a southern california company is voluntarily recalling eggs from a iowa farm because they may be tainted with salmonella. the fda is still investigating what caused the outbreak but as terrell brown report, some experts blame the government for not doing enough. >> reporter: it is one of the largest egg recalls in recent history. this week alone more than a half billion eggs have been recalled. now the food and drug administration wants to know what caused the salmonella outbreak. >> we want to say that the fda is aggressively investigating this rather large outbreak of salmonella illnesses. working closely with our partners at the cdc and the
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health department. >> reporter: the hillendale farms of iowa is the second farm to issue a recall of 170 million eggs under five brands. the cartons are stamped with the plant numbers p1860 and p1683. and so far, more than a thousand people have been sick in at least four states. america's consume about 220 million eggs every day. and it only takes eggs produced in one plant to affect consumers all across the country. >> it is serious. consumers can get very sick, and ill from eating salmonella, contaminated eggs. >> reporter: chris walldrop works for the consumer federation of america. he blames limited resources and an outdated system of inspections for repeated food outbreaks. >> right now the food and drug administration does not have the authority to prevent these contamination eventses from occurring. they can only react to them after the fact. >> reporter: the house has legislation a year ago that would allow the fda to inspect
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plants more often. but the senate has yet to schedule a vote. terrell brown, cbs news, new york. you can find a full list of the brands being recalled as well as the extent of carton numbers that you need to look for on our web site millions of new moms suffer from it. but there may be a way to prevent the baby blues without a prescription. a new study suggests the answer may be nurses who are trained to psychological support new moms. researchers in the u.k. found that women who got help from a nurse were 30% less likely to suffer from post- partum depression in the first six months and the results may last up to a year and a half. speed, agility, obedience, dozens of canine teams compete in the bay area. what it takes to be the best in show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weekend in a sort of canine olympics in south san francisco. top police canine teams from around the state are competing in a sort of canine olympics in south san francisco. more than 40 teams of officers and their dog partners went through an obstacle course to show how well they work as a team and events include a hidden suspect page and agility phase and then obedience phase and suspect apprehension. >> it is something that we do routine throughout the day, whether it is jumping through window, jumping through cars, jumping over fences. so it is kind of what you see out here, it is kind of what we go through on a daily, but not on a daily routine but for our job. >> it takes three to four months to train a dog. and even after an animal is certified the teams continue to
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train several times a week throughout the career together and they train the dogs experts say by making it a game for them. >> amazing to watch. i will go certifiably crazy if we don't get heat around here. i bear good news tonight. >> we will have a little heat wave in the bay area today. we have to get through this. 5-15 degrees below average throughout the bay area. but we have summer heat. we will get things cooking the next few days. let's take you outside to mount vaca and cumulus clouds off there in the distance but nothing too bad and working on a pretty nice evening, a little breezy around the bay area, and in through the golden gate bridge, and out through some of the mountain passes and you can see some white caps out on the waters edge but some patchy fog out toward the immediate coast and not a bad evening on tap outside and looking pretty good and a little bit on the cool side if you're headed out the door and bring a light sweater with you, and temperatures a little cool, especially approaching the coastline and patches of fog and temperatures inside the 60s in the bay and mostly clear. and mostly clear and a bit breezy in the interior valley.
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tomorrow, we start warming the temperatures up. around the bay area, moving into the 80s, all across the board, in the interior valleys, with mostly sunny skies. and 70s and low 80s inside the bay and out to the coastline and temperatures mainly in the 60s, and then we're going to start to heat things up and especially toward monday and the winds switch directions and an offshore flow and 90s and some places with 100 degrees as we head to monday and tuesday. numbers around the bay area, 50s and 60s. holding on to a couple of 70s well inland. i think as you travel around the state, sunshine, with some heat in toward fresno. 92 degrees there. and a ridge of high pressure is building through the bay area and got to get rid of the trough first. that is what brought the cool temperatures. high pressure building in from the desert southwest and here comes the summer heat just in time for the next few days. with that in mind, tomorrow morning, we start out with low clouds and fog and it looks pretty similar to the other days but by the afternoon you will notice some of the northerly winds begin to kick in and clears out the skies by
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the beaches and start to warm out the temperatures around the bay area. near the coast, 60s and a little sunshine there too. how about the 70s and 80s inside the bay as you head well inland and upper 80s and most spots a high of 86 and warmer than that, in brentwood by the afternoon and north bay temperatures running up no the 70s and the 80s, in most spots and 50s toward the coastline, and the next couple of day, well finally some summer heat making a return to the bay area and not going to last long and it looks like we head into wednesday and a patch of fog with the coastline and hot inland and everybody is cooling off though as we head into next weekend. and that's a look at weather. here is kim coyle with sports. >> thanks, lawrence. which nba player has a golf swing worse than charles barkley? and trying to keep the playoff hopes alive in front of a record crowd. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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area team in a playoff race... a couple of bay area teams with playoff hopes. >> the giants and then also the quakes have a shot at post- season for the first time since returning three years ago. >> just under 11,000 showed up at the stadium to see gioavani making the quake debut taking on landen donovan and the first place galaxy. chris wandleski takes advantage for the eighth goal of the season. later in the half, donovan with a chance to tie the game but he is stopped by john bush. and then tim howard, tim ward
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comes forward to deny him. the quake beat the galaxy 1-0. irl points leader will tower even dominates during qualifying. the aussie clinched the pole for tomorrow's grand prix at infineon and he won the pole an indy record eight times this season. the irl drivers love coming to infineon and for most of them it is nothing to do with the race and tony kanon says he loves san francisco. >> i would live here, but it is too far to go to the races and come back. but i enjoy it every time i come. >> he is going to victory lane. tony kanaan wins. >> my dad was a huge race fan and i was eight years old and put me in a race cart. and he got sick and died from cancer and he was 64 years old. and he asked me the day before he passed not to give up racing and that was a thursday and i
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had a race on a sunday. so from thursday nide to friday morning, he passed and my mother came home and told me the news and all right i'm going to go to the racetrack because that's what he wanted and i had a race that weekend and i won the race. so it was a very special moment and that trophy sits on the night stand in my mother's house and hopefully somewhere wherever he is he is brought of me. the nation sees the ground hog and how much more time for winter and in august, it is a silver fox to see if they will keep playing football. >> i hope that every penny that they spent on me, they know it was money well spent. >> i'm here for one reason. not to do commercials and broadway. all of those things. i'm here to help the jets win. >> my daughter crying, softens me up and says daddy i want you to go back and win one more
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super bowl and i said why didn't you tell me that before? >> it is the last year of my contract and i'm sure a lot of people are like, "yes! " including my family. >> and the agony is coming here tomorrow. and vikings coach brad childress expects favre to start tomorrow night's second preseason game against the 49ers and play about a dozen plays. roll tied. alabama starts where they finished last january, number one. and they play the season opener two weeks from tonight. the ohio state is number two. boise state ranked third. and finally get respect. and florida and texas round out the top five. and number 11, oregon is the highest ranked pac-10 team. coach k and the team usa tuning up for next week's world championships. they scored just seven points in the first quarter. rudy gay blows the dunk. lithuania led by one at the half. the team usa got it together in the second half.
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andre iguodala picks off the pass and takes it the other way for the one-hand jam. steffen curry did not play until the fourth quarter but knocks down his only three. team usa wins 77-61. and finally we saw a golf swing worse than charles barkley. at least sir charles makes contact. >> that is one bad swing. he needs to stick to hoops. >> definitely. >> morris, look away, that will ruin your game. >> i'm fuelly better than that -- i'm actually better than that. >> i'm no windmill but better than that. do you think you have what it takes to beat this guy? joey chestnut was taken on, and that is on eyewitness news at 6:30. lawrence's favorite story. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. we will see you back here in a half hour and of course at 10:00 and 11:00, and until then our news updates on
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